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Patch App

Project Background:

How can you find the right pet for you?
With the Patch App you'll find your next furry best friend!

My Role:

UX researcher and designer

Project Timeline:

June 10th, 2019 - Present


Onboarding Continued:

After answering a few questions you're directed to the sign-up page. Answering the questions before sign-up engages potential users. After investing some time in the app already they're usually more likely to continue using.

After sign-up, you land on your welcome page/profile page.
Here you can view your current preferences and find links to view potential furry friends!

Finding Pets Near You:
If you select the option to "View Pets Near Me: You're directed to a list of shelters with pets available that meet your preferences.

After selecting a shelter you're taken to the adoption listings where you can get a quick view of all the currently available furry friends!

Meet your potential new friend!

When you view an animal's profile page you can 

view more information about them, or view more photos if there are any.
You're also given an option to schedule a time to meet them!

Patch App Future?

In the future, the Patch App will have more preference options to better narrow down a furry friend to fit your needs and lifestyle.
Ideally, shelters would be able to create profiles for all their current adoptable animals and have the option to answer questions and chat with potential owners.