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Student Design Sprint for Bluehost

Project Background:

Bluehost had recently done a design sprint for some issues they had run into with keeping users engaged with the site. Alex and Drew from Bluehost came into our class and presented these same issues to us to see what we could come up with, in a sprint of our own.


My Role:

UX designer/participant.

Project Timeline:

May 27th - May 31st, 2019


Sprint Goal:

After deciding on our most important HMW's we decided on our sprint Goal. To reduce churn and increase user engagement.

Final Sketch

Screen Dot Voting:

We each turned in our screen sketches and our instructor hung them up on the wall to keep everyone's sketches anonymous. This was to ensure we could each vote without bias. We added dots to every aspect of the screens we liked and wrote any questions we had on sticky notes.

We got Alex and Drew on Facetime and pitched the screens to them. They decided on the dashboard screen. That's where users could come back to check their website goals, analytics, and get customized suggestions from the Bluehost blog.



Our instructor assigned us a screen to design and I was tasked with designing the dashboard/landing page after the onboarding. We discussed which features it should include and what the layout should look like.

User Testing:

We put our prototype into InVision and started recruiting our fellow students to come and test it. We each sat down with a student one-on-one and asked them to think out loud. We observed how they navigated, where they hesitated, and took what they said into consideration.


Luckily, Bluehost already has an established product and personas. This gave us a great headstart!  While they detailed the current problems Bluehost is facing, we wrote down all the questions and HMW's we could think of.

We then added them to our classroom wall and dot voted on the HMW's each of us thought was the most valuable to tackle first. We dot voted in the same colors to keep our opinions anonymous. Alex and Drew voted, in the very appropriate color for Bluehost, blue.

Dot Voting

Crazy 8's & Screen Sketching:

After deciding on our goal we did a design technique called Crazy 8's. We sketched out 8 different screen ideas we had in only 8 minutes. This technique is incredibly helpful for getting all your ideas out because there's no time to second guess yourself. Next, we decided on the screen we liked most and sketched it in more detail.

Screen Dot Voting


As a class, we discussed what the process might look like for someone searching for information on how to start a website—finding Bluehost, getting started, and landing on a dashboard with all their options.

User Feedback:

The only big concern everyone had was that each section on our dashboard didn't have a description of what its purpose was. I simply added the descriptions under each header.

That Concludes the Student Design Sprint For Bluehost.